Monday, March 16, 2009

For Sale: Idea Home of the Year 1955!

i recieved a sweet email on facebook letting me know of a little gem of a home for sale here in birmingham. it was the idea home of the year in 1955 for better homes and gardens. here is what the granddaughter of the owners had to tell me about this fantastic one owner home in vestavia hills. did i mention that i would love to be the second owner?! i can dream right?
The architect of the house is world-renowned, Bham native, Hugh Stubbins. The house is mostly in its original state. Unfortunately, I don’t have lots of good photos but I have uploaded a few to flickr ( I posted a few images from the Sept 1955 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine that features the house but it is hard to see on flickr. The house has had little done to it over the years, which is good because it is mostly in its original condition - can’t get much more mcm than this house! However, it needs some TLC to bring back its glory. My grandparents purchased the house fully furnished back in 1955. Some of the original furniture can be included in the house sale.

(the house today)


  1. Holy crap. This house might be worth staying in Birmingham...

  2. where's the listing for this house?

  3. there's not an official listing yet. i think they are going to do a for sale by owner. if they list it online i will post a link.

  4. Did they ever list it? We are buying this same house in Media, PA. Unfortunately, it had several owners. We would love to see pics of this house since much of it was original.

  5. LIkewise, we would love to communicate with you. We live in the idea home constructed in Leawood (Kansas City) Kansas. The interior finish in our home is quite different - presumably to fit into the more conservative subdivision we are in.

  6. We bought the same home just one year ago in Durham, NC... we are the 4th owners. Would love to see more pictures of the original house!

  7. We live in this house in St. Louis, MO. We're pretty much the second owners (the owner in the middle "fixed it up" to flip. Fortunately none of the bones about the house were changed. I'd love to share pictures!

  8. We live in this same house in St. Louis, MO. I'm so glad to see so many other owners of this great house. We're the second owners and have been here for 15 years. I'd love to exchange pictures.

    1. Gloria,

      I have the same house in Minnesota and would love to exchange photos. I have sent you and invite on google circles...didn't know the best way to connect.