Friday, March 20, 2009

Etsy Lunch Hour: VW!

Beetle No. 2 by adamambro

last weekend my brand new VW Golf (her name was "Putt Putt") was demolished in a car wreck. i had only had her for 5 months when a lady ran a red light and smacked right into her. i found out yesterday that she is officially "totaled". so, after what seemed like months of looking for the perfect car just 5 months ago, we have to start the process all over again. i absoultely loved that car and am looking diligently for another VW. here's to a long weekend of car shopping, awesome german design and these fun etsy vw finds!

Vroom Folded Note Card Set With Vespa Scooter, Mini Cooper and VW Bug Beetle by InkspotWorkshop


  1. Thanks for the plug:) So glad you were not hurt, love this blog!!!

  2. those notecards are sooo cute!

  3. i love the t-shirt. if you're into vintage vw's remind me to tell you about the vw heaven place out in oxford. my future karmann ghia is there.

  4. i actually went out's awesome. we were looking for a ghia for my brother in law and i fell in love with a yellow beetle. i always wanted one!

  5. We are totally VW nuts at my house (we have two of the air-cooled variety)...check this out:

    Good luck on the car search!