Friday, March 06, 2009

Anniversary Giveaway week

click here to enter monday's giveways of 30 bon bon postcards! drawing will be held monday, march 9th at 2:30.

click here to enter tuesday's giveaway of a lofts and apartments book! drawing will be held tuesday, march 10th at 2:30.

click here to enter wednesday's giveaway of 12 ads of the 60's notecards and envelopes. drawing will be held wednesday, march 11th at 2:30.

click here to enter thursday's giveaway of vintage home plans. the drawing will be held thursday, march 12th at 2:30.
Below is Friday's giveaway of a 16x20 print by Jason Hamric. Comment on the original posts to win. It's been a wonderful first year! Thanks to everyone for a lovely anniversary week and hope you have a wonderful week.

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