Monday, January 19, 2009


happy martin luther king jr. day. i don't need to tell you how significant this day is...especially this year. living in birmingham, alabama, there is a rich history involving mlk. above is a picture of martin luther king in a birmingham jail cell after he had been arrested in april of 1963 for a non violent protest against segregation. read the letter he wrote while in jail here. i lived downtown for 4 years and was only 4 blocks from the 16th street baptist church where the horrific bombing occured on september 15, 1963 that killed 4 children. the church has been rebuilt and a civil rights institute has been erected next to it with a beautiful park in front of them both. below is the statue of mlk that is in that very park gazing upon the church. obama has asked that we all contribute to our community something to help our neighbors. we have a neighborhood meeting tonight. that might be a good place to get an on going community effort started.

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  1. i love that photo of him...such determination, resolve, and peace, despite his circumstance. lovely post.