Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interior: Adam Neale and Megan Freitas' Dream House

i love the natural light, outswinging windows, diamond chairs, and the artemide castore pendant lights...to name a few things that are wonderful about this interior. it's so warm and cozy and I would so love to live here. read the post from aparment therapy below to find out more about this wonderful home.

Adam Neale and Megan Freitas' Inverness home is a mix of modernism and Bernard Maybeck's Arts and Crafts-era building style. Chronicle design editor Zahid Sardar calls it "sensible" and even goes so far as to say that "it could well be used as a template for other homes in the West"...

There are some "green" aspects of the North Bay house, too: Recycled teak floors; a concrete wall made of fly ash that absorbs and generates heat in the winter and provides shade in the summer; tall French doors that allow cool breezes to flow through. (via apartment therapy)

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  1. arts & crafts + modern = yum! i would keep those doors and windows open pretty much all the time in spring and fall.