Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inspiration: Mind Mapping via decor8

(via decor8)
yesterday on decor8 holly did a great post on creativity and mind mapping (basically brainstorming on a central idea) about what we liked to do as a child. the idea was to get her readers thinking about the joys of their childhood to get them inspired as adults. it's the small things that really have the biggest impact for me. i made mine yesterday (below). ignore the mess, it's supposed to be a pretty spontaneous thought process. i didn't want to rewrite it and make it more blog-worthy. need some inspiration? try it for yourself. read the entire post here and the comments to see more takes on it.


  1. i always wanted hamsters. dang. ;) what a great idea, and so, so true!

  2. I LOVE this. I totally just sat down and did it as soon as I read your post! I think I'm going to blog this, too! And it's so amazing to see how the person you are now was impacted to whatever degree by certain things you loved to do as a child. This made me really happy!!!