Friday, January 30, 2009

DIY: January Garden Planning

as some of my readers may know, i moved into a house last july.  the previous owners had a tiny little garden in the back yard with tomatoes, herbs, peppers and lots of pretty flowers.  i am a city girl, never having had green space of my own.  i thought annuals meant that they only bloomed once a year!  ha!  so when i found out that all of my vegetables that died were not coming back i was so sad.  i didn't get to plan out the garden last year, but this year i can and it is the perfect time to start your planning.  lettuce and a few other things can even be planted very soon!  i found some great vegetable garden designs via domino. (yes, so sad it will be no longer soon!)  get to planning guys, even if it is just a single pot of herbs.  i feel with a weak economy that people are going to try to be more self sufficient.  vegetable gardening is such a great way to start.

i also read up on doing a garden journal via journallife. it's a great way to keep up with plants and what works/doesn't work.  you can keep little pockets of seeds with photos to what they go to or just jot down your thoughts.  old school blog style!


  1. i am quite fond of arugula and cherry tomatoes :) oh, and any herb. hint, hint :)

  2. You've got to check out! They have incredible resources on starting your garden. Look under the "Garden Wise" tab. I'm so looking forward to warmer weather and beautiful plants!!