Monday, December 01, 2008

Lighting: Oyule

Oyule is a lamp set made by industrial designer Sergio Silva.
The idea behind it was “to take a light bulb back in time”- as in when it was well appreciated and stuff, and make it a modern lighting device.
The position of the lamp is ensured by a magnet inside the “bulb” that “glues” to the acrylic surface beneath. (via cribfashion)


  1. These are great! Need to get a pair of these.

  2. These are GREAT! Art that's cool, functional, useful, beautiful, quirky and creative all at the same time!
    Kudos to Sergio Silva and!

  3. I believe this idea has been stolen from someone who did the exact same thing, years ago. Don't know his or her name, but the artist was a student on the Rietveld-academy in Amsterdam, Holland. All the same: great idea. I had one in my home in Amsterdam, got it as a present from a friend, like ten years back. My lamp was put in a hanging-on-the-wall construction. Very fragile.