Thursday, November 06, 2008

Artist: Two Bees Press

Two Bees Press consists of a husband and wife team that specializes in gocco, offset and letterpress. The husband is a graphic and web designer and the wife creates custom stationery goods. Both have a love for all things print-related and when combined, they form Two Bees Press. I first found them when a friend gave my husband one of their cards for his birthday and then ran into them again at a local art in the park show. They were so kind as to let me interview them! Thanks Frank and Rebekah! See below for images of their fun work and the interview!

Valentine Postcard

Bill Cosby Gocco - Screenprinted Cards with Envelopes

Trees Gocco - Screenprinted Cards with Envelopes

Etsy site/website/blog address:
Etsy -

Where are you from?
Frank - Birmingham, Alabama
- Alabama resident for 8 years

Hobbies other than your art?
Frank - Eating, sleeping, being outside, and making Rebekah laugh
Rebekah - Reading, knitting and paper crafts

How did you start with art/and or why?
We both needed a creative outlet and we wanted to do something together. Frank is a graphic designer and Rebekah loves creating paper goods so it just felt right to combine the two interests.

Influences, favorite things to design?
Frank - Currently, I love the clean and crisp edges of vector images. I am influenced by blogs that I read on a daily basis.
Rebekah - Blogs, for sure. Darling Dexter, Craft Magazine and Simplesong are just a few of my favorites.

Dogs or cats?
DOGS! We have two black labs.

Are you voting in this election? (or, did you vote in this election)

Favorite form of transportation and why?
Frank - Scooter - even though I have never driven one, they look so fun!
Rebekah - Car - I seem unable to break my dependence on that machine.

Favorite color?
Frank - Blue
Rebekah - Red

Which Star Wars character would you like to be?
Frank - Yoda. By far the coolest Star Wars character.
Rebekah - Star Wars? I'd rather be a My Little Pony character.

What is in your fridge right now?
Milk, cheese, yogurt, fresh veggies and salad dressings.

Last book your read?
Frank - Tom Sawyer
Rebekah - Short History of Nearly Everything

Favorite movie of all time?
Frank - Such a hard question to answer. Shawshank Redemption, Forest Gump, Secondhand Lions
Rebekah - Love Actually (for today)

If Hollywood made a movie about you who would you like to play you?
Frank - Steve Carell
Rebekah -Steve Carell

If you were a salad what type of dressing would you have?
Frank - Balsamic vinaigrette
Rebekah - Champagne vinaigrette

The Fonz Screenprinted - Gocco Journal

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