Friday, November 14, 2008

Artist Interview: Merrilee Challiss

merrilee challiss is one of my favorite artists. her work is always beautifully detailed and i love her use of woodland creatures and anatomical features. find out more about merrilee in the interview below.

etsy site/website/blog address:;;

where are you from? birmingham, alabama, (nee cleveland, ohio;louisville, ky/st.louis, mo/memphis & chatanooga, tn/ mannheim & berlin, germany/ prague, cz/ philadelphia, pa)

hobbies other than your art? cats, plants, collecting anatomical ephemera, and all things sea-related

how did you start with art/and or why? i was terribly shy as a child--drawing was my means of communication & expression. drawing became a thing i could "do", so i stuck with it. i'm still learning to draw.

influences, favorite things to design? influences: folk & "outsider" art, indigenous crafts and handiwork, fred tomaselli, lee bontecou, louise bourgoise, annette messager, etc.

favorite things to design: anatomical structures and scarves using my very primitive crochet skills, and anything with sequins, sequins, sequins!
dogs or cats? cats. always 5 of them. cats work best in odd numbers. dogs in even

are you voting in this election? (did you vote in this election?) yes, i did, and it felt great!

favorite form of transportation and why? my dream car is a matte avacado-green bio-diesel el camino -- i'm afraid it only exists in my imagination. i currently drive a beat up kia rio cinco, silver. i also have a bike.

favorite color? i'm partial to greens, but i'm branching out.

which star wars character would you like to be? han solo

what is in your fridge right now? what i can remember -- a bag of hummingbird food syrup (my backyard was very popular this year), various half-empty condiments, a single can of PBR, a jar of ayurvedic bitter-tasting paste that my brought me from india. i don't eat at hom much...

last book you read? the changeling by joy williams

favorite movie of all time? beyond the valley of the dolls

if Hollywood made a movie about you who would you like to play you? probably a sea turtle

if you were a salad what type of dressing would you have? a simple rustic italian -- fresh lemon juice, olive oil, pepper, salt & balsamic, or carrot ginger

(endgame) (summer monster)
Thanks Merrilee!


  1. :) can't imagine my home now without my (prominently displayed) merrilee piece. love her work (and her)!

  2. wow incredible work! that first deer rooted on is amazing! thanks for sharing this!

  3. Challiss's lung painting is absolutely fascinating. And, I also, would love to live on that house boat! wonderful blog.