Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Interior: Golf & Country Club, Sempachersee

The golf & country club at Sempachersee has got to be the coolest country club I have ever seen. The interiors of this project are so fantastic and modern and lovely. I wish I lived in Switzerland so I could go visit.

(via thecoolhunter)

Golf and drab are synonyms, right? And the mere mention of Golf and Country Club makes you run. Away. Fast. Golf may indeed have a bit of an image problem but that did not deter the Z├╝rich-based Smolenicky & Partner Architektur when they were retained to work on the expansion of the venerable Sempachersee Golf Club located near Lucerne in Switzerland.
In addition to the new club house-restaurant building and the new maintenance building, both of which Smolenicky designed, the expansion included a second 18-hole golf course. All of this has made Golf Club Sempachersee the largest golf club in Switzerland and, quite likely, the club with the coolest club house.
In their approach to the club house, Smolenicky sought to manifest two things: what they call the “country character of the golfing culture of the Sempachersee course” and the course’s worldly sophistication. They took their design cues from “the rural warmth of a timber barn and the clear lines of a Maserati sports car.” The resulting building, the sleek and minimalist interior, and the magnificent 180-degree panoramic views of the Sempachersee lake and the Alps might just be reasons enough to give golf another chance. Or, at the very least, rethink what a golfing environment could look like. By Tuija Seipell

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