Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Etsy Lunch Hour: Owls

I have long had a fascination with owls. Last night while sitting in the front yard of my new house I look up and see a huge screech owl sitting on the powerlines on the corner of our lot. I am so excited to be so close to a nature preserve and am looking forward to seeing all sorts of interesting wildlife. (especially the owls!) So, today's lunch hour series is an ode to the beautiful owl and the wonderful etsy artists that share my love.

owl small print by matteart

Mr Owl on a Twig Necklace by ragtrader

YELLOW OWL TO DO LIST notepad by boygirlparty, list organization memo office cute strange yellow pencil bird by boygirlparty

owl earrings by automaton

Kirigami Owl Pop-up Card, Make Yourself by popupcardmaking

Owl Rival Womens Destoyed Tshirt by Deadworry

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