Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Architecture & Interior: Barn House

While searching for cool interiors I found this extraordinary barn rehab project that included fantastic architecture as well. So, I have combined this into an architecture and interior post. Read part of the article from wallpaper* below:

Project architect Huys co-heads (with Hendrik Vermoortel) Belgian architecture and interior design practice Buro2, who a few years ago received the commission to re-design an old farm barn in the rolling hills of Central West Flanders.
Since the beginning it was clear for Huys what the main concept would be. 'The farm was the main place where people lived alongside nature, seeing it both as force and as threat,' says the architect, who took into account the weather conditions and the surrounding nature, when working on the Barn House's design.
Seeing the barn re-interpretation as a way of developing and managing the landscape, the architect added a new, residential dimension to a structure once only connected to working the land.

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