Friday, June 27, 2008

DIY: Recycled Map Gift Bags

Here is a great DIY project that involves recycling old maps into gift bags via instructables. I would like to carry my little lunch in it as well. Check out the link for more concise step by steps instructions.

Tools and materials / Herramientas y materiales
You will need:1 - An old tourist map (those that are folded).2 - A rule.3 - A pencil or marker.4 - A scissors and a cutter.5 - Glue for paper.6 - A cutting mat.The tourist map must be folded at least in six parts. The size of the bag will be 2 parts per 1.

Measure the width of one part of the map (W) and mark it as showed. The black lines shows you where to fold and the red ones where tu cut. The green marks are the original folding parts of the map. Notice that I made black and red lines for showing purpose. You will get a better result just marking points or using a soft pencil.In my example, W = 10 cm., so W / 2 = 5 cm. and W / 1.2 = 8 cm. aprox.Cut on red lines (and save the big piece for the next step).Fold on black lines. I recommend you to score the black lines using the scissors and then fold paper easily.

Take the longest piece cutted in previous step and cut it in a half lengthwise. Glue it to the right side of the map, use the scissors again and fold it, and glue with the left side of the map. Be carefully to leave the beautiful side of the map outside. Now you have closed the bag vertically.Then just close the bottom of the bag, folding and gluing it all as shown.

Close the flap and flatten the bag. Now mark the handle centered in the flap: red lines to cut, black ones to fold. A good size for it is less than W / 1.2 for length, and 2 cm. or so on for width.When cutting, notice that you are cutting three layers at the same time: both sides of the bag and the flap.Fold and glue inwards each of six parts of the handle: this will make it stronger.Finally, open the flap and make small cuts to help open/close operation.

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